Combine showing action with effective telling

This course is for aspiring authors who want to captivate readers by finding the right balance between action and brevity.


Your chance for much sought after personalised feedback on your work and more.

  • Personalised Feedback

    Get personalised feedback on your work from an industry professional. This is your chance to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are before getting rejected by a publisher or agent.

  • List of Active Verbs

    Get a list of active verbs to make your word choices stronger and more emotive.

  • List of Distancing Words

    Get a list of distancing words to avoid, so you keep the reader up close and personal with your characters and fully engaged in the story.

Do you struggle with these things?

  • Knowing when to show vs tell?

    Discover when to show, when it's okay to tell and how much to use.

  • Being accused of information dumping?

    Learn to identify and banish information dumps in favour of active and interesting storytelling techniques.

  • Not being able to engage readers?

    Explore how to use action and emotions to engage readers and hold them captivated until 'the end'.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover when to show, and when it’s okay to tell.
  • Identify and banish info dumps.
  • Practice infusing the story with relevant details.
  • Learn how to infuse your story with emotive details and purposeful information.
  • Explore how action can tell the story and engage the reader emotionally.


4-week online course

This popular workshop combines colourful handouts, video lessons and quizzes to reinforce learnings. There will be free resources and BONUS personalised feedback.


  • What you can expect from this course
  • Introduction to Sandy Vaile

Module 1

  • The benefits of showing and what successful telling looks like 
  • How to decide which technique to use 

Module 2

  • Identifying and avoiding information dumps 
  • Choosing strong and evocative words 
  • BONUS resource

Module 3

  • Revealing three-dimensional characters that readers care about 
  • BONUS personalised feedback 

Module 4

  • Using secondary characters to support the protagonist 
  • Creating fresh and interesting description 
  • Making the most of action 
  • BONUS resource

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